About Us

Having been involved in military, defense, and veterans issues for close to 40 years, our founder, Rear Admiral [Ret.] Jim Carey, realized that there was a synergy that filled a need with all our young men and women coming off active duty after tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and their tremendous background and experience and knowledge base in all manner of military systems, equipment, personnel programs such as the GI Bill and TRICARE, the current and proposed retirement systems, care for our wounded veterans and the families of veterans killed in combat—– almost a never-ending list.  Another common denominator with all these fine young men and women is that all of them are seeking employment as they transition off of active duty.  Admiral Carey, having served on military, veterans, and defense boards for 40 years, was aware of an ongoing need for all sorts of research efforts and white-papers and OP-ED’s with regard to all these many military and veterans programs and systems and who better to provide that research, with more experience and expertise than academics who have never used the systems, than our young military veterans.  And thus was born the idea behind the National Defense Foundation, structured to bring these talented and experienced military veterans onboard to do this research and prepare the reports and subject matter evaluations. 
National Defense Foundation is committed to providing factual, impartial, nonpartisan, unbiased research and reporting on a broad range of military and veterans and national security subjects.  The work is done by military veterans that have firsthand knowledge and experience with these systems, and will be done in a highly professional, disciplined, and thorough manner so as to provide maximum value to our government, our national leadership, the defense industry and veterans services caregivers, and ALL AMERICANS, since it is OUR sons and daughters who serve in the military and ARE the veterans and who DESERVE our best support for putting their lives on the line for our country and it’s citizens.